Amazonas sponsorship set to give World Cup a taste of Brasil

Amazonas sponsorship set to give World Cup a taste of Brasil

Rugby league fans will be exposed to a taste of Brasil in more than one way when the World Cup is held, with Minas Coffee to appear on the uniform of the tournament surprise packets.

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Confirming what will be a string of positive announcement for Brasil ahead of next week’s national semi-finals, Minas Coffee has agreed to a shorts sponsorship position for the World Cup.

There are strong synergies between Brasil Rugby League and Minas Coffee, which originates from the same region – Minas Gerais – that is home to the current headquarters for the sport.

“Minas Coffee has a commitment to sustainability, ethical practices and fair trade which we feel closely mirror Brasil Rugby League’s values,” Brasil Rugby League General Manager Robert Burgin said.

“There are also few identifiably Brazilian products as coffee beans. Indeed, great coffee is part of Brazilian life

“We are also honoured to have an association with the Hilberto family, who have been in the coffee industry for generations and who have strong ties to rugby league.

“Brothers Hector and Heitor Hilberto are still representing Brasil in men’s rugby league and Minas Coffee’s support of the women’s World Cup team assists in developing the culture we are intent upon.”

Brothers Heitor and Hector Hilberto aim to give supporters a taste of Brasil
Brothers Heitor and Hector Hilberto aim to give supporters a taste of Brasil

Minas Coffee specialises not only in roasted coffee, available for both retail and commercial needs, but also in green coffee beans and coffee accessories.

All are available via the website

The Hilberto brothers, who were raised in Manhumirim, Minas Gerais, now both play rugby league in Australia and are scheduled to face the Philippines on June 13 at Kensington Oval in Sydney.

The pair both featured in a recent 60-0 win against Uruguay and a 30-14 win against Peru, with Hector a previous Queensland Universities Rugby League representative.

Yet the brothers maintain strong links to their homeland, and will be eagerly following the outcome of matches next weekend, where undefeated Melina will face Remendadas in one semi-final, while Maringa and Vitoria will meet in the other.

While not all players for Brasil’s World Cup squad will come from these teams, they are expected to contribute the bulk of the Amazonas touring party to England.

Brasil will face England in the opening game of the Women’s World Cup at Leeds Headingley Stadium on November 9, before tackling Papua New Guinea on November 13 in Hull, and Canada on November 17 in Leeds.

No team – male or female – from South or Central America has ever qualified for a Rugby League World Cup previously.

Minas Coffee joins fellow sustainable agriculture sponsors Progardes Pasture Performance Legumes on the Amazonas uniform, with SHIELD Security also on the shorts.

At least two more World Cup partners are set to be announced in the coming week.