Bare Brazilians may “strategically place” socks for League event

Bare Brazilians may “strategically place” socks for League event

BRASIL’S rugby league team has vowed to play in “nothing but boots and socks”, if necessary, to get the job done in Sydney on Saturday, after three nations’ uniforms failed to be delivered on time for the GYG Latino Nines.

Although there may be an eleventh-hour solution on game day to cover the Brazilians, they went to bed on game eve without certainty after their jerseys and shorts remained unsewn by the supplier.

A similar fate has befallen fellow Latino Nines contestants El Salvador and Nicaragua, both of whom have been forced to borrow or wear old uniforms for the event at Liverpool’s Hillier Oval.

“The boy’s commitment is such that they’ll do whatever they need to do to make an impression in their first appearance in Australia,” said Brasil manager Robert Burgin.

“We were told late Thursday night that only the socks are ready, so the players might have to be strategic about where they place them.

“It’s definitely disappointing for the debutants who looked forward to wearing the national kit, and for our sponsors and supporters who expect us to uphold a certain level of professionalism.

“There has been a promise of cleanskin yellow kits being delivered in the morning without our team design or sponsor logos, so that’s a silver lining, although I think the lads were growing enthusiastic about the idea of taking a team photo in the buff.”­

While making light of the situation, there will be substantial financial and promotional losses from the mishap, with all videos and photos of the event set to depict incorrect sponsors, logos and branding.

Numerous promotional opportunities in the week leading up to the event have also been missed due to uniforms being unavailable.

Regardless, the 2019 GYG Latino Nines will go ahead and promises to be one of the most even and gripping installations of Emerging Nations Rugby League Nines, with the six competing nations all of similar standing.

Chile enters the tournament as the highest ranked Latino nation in rugby league and is aiming for a third successive Latino Nines crown.

Event details, draw and team lists below.


Saturday, September 7 (10am-5pm)
Liverpool All Saints RLFC, Hillier Oval, Memorial Avenue, Liverpool, New South Wales
POOL A – Chile, El Salvador, Nicaragua
POOL B – Brasil, Peru, Uruguay


9am – Gates Open
10am – El Salvador v Nicaragua
10.30am – Peru v Uruguay
11am – Chile v El Salvador
11.30am – Brasil v Peru
12.00pm – Nicaragua v Chile
12.30pm – Uruguay v Brasil
1pm – Interval
1.30pm – Winner Pool A v 2nd Pool B – Semi Final 1
2pm – Winner Pool B v 2nd Pool A – Semi Final 2
2.30pm – 3rd Pool A v 3rd Pool B – Fifth Place Consolation Final
3pm – Loser Semi Final 1 v Loser Semi Final 2 – Third Place Decider
4pm – Winner Semi Final 1 v Winner Semi Final 2 – Championship Final




Chile (1st), Peru (2nd), Uruguay (3rd), Colombia (4th), El Salvador (5th), Ecuador (6th).
Final: Chile 20 d Peru 14
Player of the Tournament: Daniel Aguirre-Acevedo (Chile)


Chile (1st), Peru (2nd), El Salvador (3rd), Ecuador (4th), Colombia (5th), Uruguay (6th)
Final: Chile 14 d Peru 10
Player of the Tournament: James Horvat (Chile)


*Latino Nines was not held in 2017 or 2018 due to lead-up to the Emerging Nations World Championship


Players and nations in alphabetical order



Alves, Alexandre

Barreira, Donovan

Braga, Steve

Casanova Campina, Juan

Clifton, Lachlan

De Freitas Dos Santos, Leonardo

Gomes, Rubens

Hilberto, Hector

Howison, Connor

Jackson, Mark

Nunes, Dylan

Morais Pereira, Pedro

Rezende, Rodrigo ©

Rodrigues, Guilherme

Sampaio, Paulo


Coaches: Simon De Araujo / Matt Gardner

Trainers: Timothy Uluinaceva / David Harvey

Manager: Will Gomez

Physio: William Cen

Directors: Hugo Froes / Robert Burgin



Aguirre-Acevedo, Daniel

Araya, Eugene

Avaria Jimenez, Alvaro

Betros, Josh

Caamano, Patrick

Castillo-Sioni, Mana

Climpson, William

Doberer, Nick ©

Lucero, Erick

Millar, Bradley

Montenegro, Sergio

Nitor-Alvear, Jose

Sandoval, Christian (Junior)

Tobar, Brandon

Wegener, Eduardo


Coaches: Andrew Charles, John ‘Squizzy’ Taylor

Trainer: Michael Grogan



Alarcon, Alvaro ©

Alarcon, Michael

Arteaga Figueroa, Fredy

Godinez, Daniel

Godinez, Frank ‘Paco’

Gonzalez, Miguel

Guzman, Marcus

Maatouk, Albert

Maatouk, Anthony

Maatouk, Mikey

Mendoza, Oscar

Mendoza, Rafael

Monge, Jonny

Reyes Kiwi Kiwi, Carlos

Rodriguez, Brandon


Coach: Fredy Arteaga-Figueroa

Managers: Daniel Godinez, Paul Alarcon

Trainers: Stephen Dowler, Walter Godinez




Azzopardi, Steve

Davila, Daniel

Davila, Gabriel

Davila, Joel

Davila, Rafael

Espinoza, Jonathan ©

Flores, Kevin

Lara, Juan Jose

Membreno, Francisco

Morales, Jesse

Zamora-Rivera, Michael ©

Zapta Lizano, Jeremy


Coach: Roque Perez-Mejia



Altamirano, Frank

Altamirano, George

Altamirano, Paul

Daniela, Corey

Day, Sean

Fhon, Luis

Flores Casas, Claudio

Ibarburu, Jayden

Lozano Razuri, Roy

Parker, Isaiah

Parker, Jacob

Perez, Aaron

Portillo, Martin

Sommers, Jye ©


Coach: Tuki Jackson

Trainer: Wesley Mokoia

Director: Jaime Perez


Coach: Tuki Jackson

Manager: Jaime Perez



Booth, Matty

Britos, Javier

Cama, Matt

Cama, Niko

Cama, Noah

Clarke, Steven

Gadea, Josh

Kungl, Adam

Kungl, Ryan

Livingstone, Jason

Mazzao, Johnny

Papa, Gabriel

Papa, Nicolas

Smith, Joel

Toledo, Julio



Mieres, Nahuel

Papa, Diego

Vieira, Kris


Coach: Pablo Villardo

Trainer: Juan Scaron

Manager: Ruben Biurra